People and Places I Trust and Recommend


Subaru and Mitsubishi Factory Trained Service

This is where I get my 2013 Subaru Legacy and 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport serviced.  Tell Andrew, Jake, Jessie or Michael you are my customer and feel free to contact me directly to set up and service you need.

Oil Change and Express Service

Now, no appointment needed!  Three dedicated station and dedicated technicians ensure your simple oil change doesn’t take all day.  Roll into our service driveway and Marina or Kris will set you up for our new Express Lube Service.

Door Dings

Got a Dent or Ding?  Secure it New is my go-to place for paintless and cosmetic repairs.  Ask for Bill or Billy.

Please tell them you found them on  Always go here before you go to a Body Shop.

Window Tinting

Mike and Margaret are great people.  Their tinting comes with a guarantee. Their service and recommendations are first rate.  I have many happy customers who have used US Tint to keep their cars cool in the Fresno heat and eliminated faded auto interior.  There’s even a couple of ladies from Bass Lake who got the moon roofs on their Subaru Outbacks tinted here!  This is the only place I will get tinting for my car or my home.  Tell then EdsCarPage sent you.

Auto Body Repairs

Stephen Lopez has the best eyes in Fresno!  He finds blemishes and mistakes in new cars!  This is the guy you want to have making sure your auto body work is done right.  Ask your insurance company to go here.  Ask for Stephen Lopez.  Tell then how you heard of them! Thanks.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

From a rock chip in mom’s car to a whole new windshield in an ’04 Buick I had to windshields and glass for my Subaru customers who drive in challenging conditions and all altitudes, temperatures and roads in California,  All American Glass on Blackstone has handled it.  Their service is quick, reliable and affordable.   They deal very well with insurance companies too.

Gas and Auto Repair

Ed and Hamid

Ed and Hamid

Don’t Drop That Piece of Junk (apologies to Finatticz ft. Tyga) — Hamid to the Rescue!  If your car is too old to get fixed at a dealership, but you don’t want to junk it.  Give Hamid and Bob a shot to fix it affordably.  I have known Hamid Honardoost since we worked side-by-side at a Mitsubishi dealership in Fresno.  Not only is Hamid one of the most trustworthy and honest people I know, his story of immigration from Persia to become a very successful American businessman is amazing.  He greets his repeat customers by name and repairs are reasonable and well explained.  Hamid takes great care of my mother, my kids and all of our friend’s cars.  Say “hi” from Ed Monson.

Insurance – Fresno

OK, I know a lot of insurance people.  Kevin Lisitsin is the man who is there when I need him.  I was raised by an independent insurance agent who’s line was:  “all I have to sell is service”.  So, insurance has been a part of my life forever.  Before cell phones, the internet, and even ubiquitous 800 numbers,  clients would call my dad at home when they were in a wreck at 1:30am and he would assure them they were covered.  Kevin is always there for you and delivers exceptional customer service.  Say hi from Ed!

Insurance – Clovis

Janet Belan takes very good care of her customers.  She and her husband Greg are good friends.  Greg Belan has a strong background in commercial insurance and Janet handles all my insurance needs.  Janet Belan is very good at insuring your risks in the Harlan Ranch and outer Clovis area.

Insurance – Central Coast

Yes, I do know a lot of insurance agents.  Stacy Korsgaden does an outstanding job of customer care and Stacy’s insurance business in Grover Beach, CA is very large based on the number of happy customers who send friends and family to her.  You can not go wrong trusting her office with all of your insurance needs.  Her staff is friendly and polite.  Stacy is thorough.  I can recommend Stacy Korsgaden Insurance.

More than Dog Training

I was so lucky to be approached by Emily Scott at Fig Garden Village while she was training a therapy dog.  She just needed a nearby stranger to approach the dog.  At the time, I needed a serious Canine Behaviorist and I hit the jackpot.  Emily Scott is, for my money, the best Dog Behavior Specialist in Fresno or perhaps California.  We’ve tried several in and out of Fresno.  We keep rescued Bull Terriers and they all have issues!  Emily straightened out my boy Axel so he can actually have a life!  He now plays respectfully and we are having continued success using techniques we learned from Emily to continue helping Axel be more like a normal dog.  FYI Bull Terriers are not normal dogs!  I’m gonna put it right here on my website:  THANK YOU Em’s Happy K9s – you probably saved a dog’s life!

Tax Issues and help with IRS problems

Riki Donaghy can save your bacon if you are:

  • In business and need your taxes done right
  • Having trouble with the Internal Revenue Service
  • An ordinary taxpayer wanting a professionally prepared return

Riki is an Enrolled Agent and she has handled my taxes for over 20 years.  She gives me sound advice from an insider who makes sure my return is legal and I’m not just following the herd until I get audited.  Riki’s tax advice is always from the perspective of what’s legal and allowed by the IRS so I don’t feel that I’m trying to get away with something.  I know I’m good and my taxes are prepared and filed by a pro!

Tires and Auto Repair

My tire store since 1992!  John Brownrigg owns the store, but now that he’s relaxing more, I deal with Javier or Anthony.  The next generation of outstanding customer service and expert automotive knowledge is in charge.   Get tires here, get service here, everyone in my family (3 generations) and many of my customers deal with Brownrigg tire and have for over 20 years.

Landscaping and Gardening

David Lopez was raised in the business.  His Dad has been doing one of my neighbor’s yards for almost 30 years.  David is in the one I trust to redesign and manage our front yard landscaping.  He is affordable easy to work with.  Highly recommended!

David's Gardening

Heating and Air Conditioning

Brian Padilla and his staff are caring people who want you to be comfortable.  They don’t automatically go for the most expensive solution.  My rep from the is company, Robert, does his best to keep my old A/C parts running in my current system without  going for the full cost replacement alternative.   I can personally vouch for the integrity and professionalism of Brian’s Heating & Cooling.  They are based in Madera, CA, but I know they work in Fresno because they maintain my “cooL’.

Hair Styling – Men’s & Women’s

Ezzat Elbanna at Michael Blunt Salon in Fresno is a trained professional who keeps up with his craft through continuing education.  Having worked at Colby & Co., Pure Radiance, and Visual Changes Salons, many well known Fresnans get there good looks enhanced by Ezzat.  My family knows him as a man who’s true to his word, highly professional and easy to work with. IMG_3019   We also know Ezzat as the man who has been cutting my kids hair since they needed a booster seat in his chair.  they are now men in their mid to late twenties and they still see Ezzat for hair.  Ezzat and his brother Akram have made an impact on my home town.  Akram has been managing the popular George’s Bar & Grill on North Blackstone for decades.

Bay Area Bull Terrier Rescue

Ed and Madea

Ed and Madea

I do not support breeding of these dogs.  My family has been transport and foster home many to English Bull Terriers who were abandoned by their families.  My “dog wife”, Madea (RIP), was left in the back yard of her home when her family abandoned her after their house was foreclosed.  She lived with us for about four years.  She would wait for me outside the shower and bark when she heard my car coming home.   Many people get these dogs because they like the way they look.  They soon discover that having a bull terrier is not like having any dog.  These dogs are very smart, good at problem solving and very emotionally attached to their people.  See my current dog Axel in the link to Emily Scott on this page.  Please do not support local backyard breeders.  Learn about the breed before you get one.  Foster a rescue dog for awhile to see what they’re like… and then you’ll want a beagle.  Please support Bull Terrier Rescue Inc. with your tax deductible contribution.  My human wife Janice has been a part of Bay Area Bull Terrier Rescue since the early 1990’s.  Thanks from Ed, Janice and all the Bullies who deserve better homes.

Spiritual Growth and Maintenance

The Foundation of Human Understanding is a big part of Ed’s Spiritual Growth.  We started supporting this charity in 1986.