BRZ – Subaru’s Two-Door, Rear Wheel Drive Sports Car

BRZ FrontThe Subaru BRZ was introduced in 2013. It’s was designed by Toyota, but engineered and manufactured by Subaru. The engine actually has both brand names on top. The Subaru BRZ uses the boxer engine with some injection designs by Toyota. The flat boxer engine gives the BRZ a very low center of gravity. It puts out 200 horsepower from a naturally aspirated four cylinder 2.0 liter engine

BRZ Side
“The goal was to create an authentic rear-wheel drive sports car with compelling style, exceptionally balanced performance and handling, flexible utility and surprising MPG” says lead designer Tetsuya Tada.

Yes, he said rear wheel drive!  The BRZ is Subarus only rear wheel drive car.  When introduced, the Subaru BRZ was limited to 6,000 units while the Toyota version (knows as Scion FR-S) was 10,000 units.   In 2016 Toyota folded its Scion brand.  The FR-S will now be known as a Toyota 86 to match up with the name it was given in for Asia and Europe.

In case you’re wonder, BRZ stand for Boxer Rear wheels drive Zenith.  While there are back seats, they  for very short people only.   When I sit in the back for test drives I have to tilt my head against the back window.  The purpose of this car is FUN!    IN car language, this is a 2+2 body style.

BRZ series.yellow

For 2017 Subaru is bringing out the series.yellow BRZ with Brembo Brakes as part of the performance package and 206 horsepower. Follow EdsCarPage for updates on this year’s new BRZ.