This is the back story when you buy a car online

This post was written and posted on Amtrak San Joaquin Train #708 travelling from Emeryville, CA to Fresno, CA.  I am riding the train home after delivering a brand new 2016 Subaru Crosstrek in Crystal White Pearl with Black Leather interior to a couple in San Francisco.  When their car rolled in on the truck yesterday, I sent them a picture.


We agreed I would drive to their home in the morning the next day because they had to leave town on business by 2:00 pm.  My business/finance department printed up the forms for me the night before.  It was a minor challenge to be able to deliver them a clean car with a full tank of gas.  They were OK with the fact that I had to purchase gas about 30 miles before getting there and I did run the car through a car wash though it was shinier the night before.  At least they got to see a video I sent them last night when their car came out of the detail shop.  I managed to get all the San Joaquin Valley bugs washed of the car at a car wash in Livermore.  Along the way, I kept them posted.  It was a bit longer trip getting there than planned.





Yes… GPS said 24 minutes to go 8 miles!   So when I’m there signing papers with them at their dining room table overlooking the bay… She says “Yeah, I was on trying to find a car saying ‘why can’t I just pick out the car I want, and they bring it here?'”  It was the last remaining 2016 Subaru Crosstrek in this style and color in the sate… bu hey, guess who made it happen?  This guy!  The world is changing and great customers like you are helping me change it in real time.  The future is now.