If you get a lease on a Subaru, use our advertised low-rate finance, or maybe if you simply finance a Subaru, chances are your loan will be through Subaru Motors Finance, JP Morgan Chase.  In most cases, the payment is due 45 days after the day you buy your new car.  Many of my customers worry because the statement doesn’t come until about 14 days before the payment is due.  Yes, they send out a statement every month, with a payment coupon to detach and send in with your check.  There is no payment coupon book.

Quite a few people ask me about paying down the principal.  There is a box to check on the payment coupon that states: “apply excess payment to principal”.  If you send in and amount that is double the payment, it is my understanding that they will simply move your next due date forward an extra month unless you check the box.

If you are interested in paying from your own financial institution’s online bill pay service, you will need these addresses:

Monthly Payment Address

Subaru Motors Finance
PO Box 78101
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8101

Don’t forget to sent the payment coupon and write your account number on the check.

Address for Principal Payments

Chase Auto Principal Payments
Car Principal
P.O. Box 901077
FT Worth TX, 76101 – 2077

I personally send  $50 automatically to this address every payday and I have shortened my 6 year loan to a 5 year loan if I keep this up – your mileage may vary.

Set Up Automatic Payments on Your Subaru Loan


Make sure your information is current

Go to the Subaru Motors Finance Customer Loan Guide here

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