Buy a New CarWhy Buy a New Car?

Well the obvious reason you should buy a new car is you are the first person to drive it.  You get the latest and greatest on the market and you get warranties from the manufacturer, as well as rebates, discounts, or special interest rates subsidized by the manufacturer.

Leasing is another reason people opt for new car.  Leases make it possible for someone to get a nicer car at at lower payment.  At my store we sell new Subarus and Mitsubishis.  Subaru offers specials to it’s new car customers like the Maintain the Love program as well and the Guaranteed Trade In program.  Mitsubishi offers loyalty rebate for customers who already own a Mitsubishi, Military Discounts and even 0% APR financing up to 7 years on certain models.

New Car FAQ and FYI

A new car is yours from the start.  It comes with warranties from the manufacturer.  In many cases if you have less than perfect credit you may get help from the manufacturer in the form of rebates, customer cash, loyalty rebates, military discounts, college graduate discounts and special discounts offered at holidays or at the end of a model year.

The downside is that your car will lose a significant percentage of it’s value in the first year you own it.

Commonly referred to in the car business as the “Monroney,” after Almer Monroney – an Oklahoma Senator –  who sponsored the Automotive Information Disclosure Act of 1958.
You’ve seen those big trucks on the freeway loaded with brand new cars?  They’re not yet ready for a test drive.  When they get here, as you can see, they are covered in white plastic to prevent them from dings while in transit.  The next step is the Pre-Delivery Inspection, commonly called the PDI.  Our service department goes through a list of checks:

  • Calibrates compasses, if needed
  • Installs fuses that are meant to be installed here so the doors can’t be opened while on the truck
  • Check and tops off fluids
  • Test drive the car and put some gas in it.  They only come with about 1/2 gallon of gas.
  • There is a lot more on the list, but hope you get the idea.

After that the car gets cleaned up.

So when people ask me “what do you need to ‘get ready’ on a brand new car for me to test drive it?” … this is the process.  We’re not allowed to drive them before the Pre-Delivery Inspection.  I’m am grateful that our new cars are turning over about 20 days on average.  It’s a blessing, but the car you see online may not be PDI’d yet.

Cars ready for PDI

Cars ready for PDI