2017 Subaru Crosstreks Available Now by Order – Why Change A Good Thing?

Subaru of America announces 2017 Subaru Crosstrek

In a press release dated September 22, 2016 Subaru of America President & COO Thomas Doll announced we can start taking orders for 2017 Crosstreks.  There will be another Crosstrek Special Edition this year in the Pure Red (like last year), but for the most part things aren’t going to change.  The Crosstrek was introduced in 2013 model year and sales have grown considerably every years.  In […]

TODAY is the Day for the Magic Price


Have you ever seen that TV commercial where they show a bell curve graph that shows you what others paid in your area for the exact same car?


Why would cars sell for different prices and how do you get to be the person with the low price on the bell curve????

Here’s how you can be that person […]

Subaru Crossovers Sweep Their Categories Again in Customer Satisfaction

AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Awards: Drivers Love Their Subarus

AutoPacific’™s Ideal Vehicle Awards measure the fusion between expectation, and reality. An ideal vehicle is one that meets owner’s expectations for the product when they acquired it. AutoPacific’s IVAs are quantitative gauges measuring how closely a vehicle matches an owner’s expectations. The buyers who are least likely to want to change their vehicle; they are driving their “ideal” vehicle. In a […]

The Last 2016 Subaru Crosstrek Special Edition in Fresno

Limited Edition Crosstrek Special Edition

Crosstrek Special Edition

It’s our last Limited Edition Pure Red Subaru Crosstrek Special Edition.  This car just got here.  The last one sold in one day.   Be unique.  Contact me – Ed Monson – through this page and I’ll set you up with this hot car.  The 2016 Crosstrek Special Edition has a moonroof.  When  you open the door to your […]

See the list of 2017 Foresters coming to Fresno

Dozens of new 2017 Subaru Foresters will be arriving in weeks

2017 Foresters incoming


Subaru is shipping the newest version of the popular Forester for 2017.  Boatloads of Subaru’s most popular model, the Subaru Forester, are streaming across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to deliver these cars to California.  The first boat lands approximately July 5th.  As you can see, the trucks will start picking them up and delivering […]