2010 Subaru Forester Premium for Sale in Fresno

Perfect example of a Back Wall Car – 17,800 miles on a 2010 Forester – unique!

…and you see it here first.

One Owner, 17,800 miles, purchased here at my store new.  Oil changed every 3,000 miles.

This 2010 Subaru Forester 2.5x Premium was lovingly waxed and cared for until it was finally time to upgrade.  This car will be sold in a day or two, but you get first shot at it since I found it […]

What’s Up With Subaru Crosstrek Wheels?

Subaru XV Crosstrek 2013 – 2014

Subaru introduced the XV Crosstrek in with the 2013 model year.  There were many theories about what XV meant at the time.  Some speculated that is was the “15th” vehicle Subaru built on that platform.  What it turned out to be is that SV stood for “Crossover Vehicle”.  A crossover is basically an SUV on a car chassis vs. SUVs on a truck chassis like some of the giant SUVs […]

2018 Subaru Outback Premium Options

When you start to shop for a Subaru, if you don’t know the way Subaru labels its various “trim levels”, it can be very confusing.  Then come the many choices of “option packages”.  After that are “port-added accessories”.  All three of these can affect the price of a new Subaru Outback.

Here at the dealership in Fresno where I work in internet sales, what frequently leads customers shopping for a new Subaru down the wrong path […]

HOW-TO Set the Clock on a 2018 Subaru Outback

Hello.  It’s November of 2017 and many people are struggling to change the clock on their 2018 Subaru Outbacks, Legacies, Crosstreks and 2017 and ’18 Subaru Imprezas.  Here where I am in Fresno, California, we still celebrate “Daylight Saving Time”.

It’s now time to set those clocks back. Many people have simply ignored the clock settings on these newer Subaru models because setting the clock or changing the time on newer Subaru’s involves a two-step process […]

New Accessories for Subarus – Dog Travel Beds!

Today as I meandered around the Subaru Parts Counter and Service receptionist, I saw something new.  Turns out these are selling like hotcakes.  As you know Subarus are “Dog Tested and Dog Approved” so why not cater to our prime demographic?

Have you ever wondered why Subarus and dogs get along so well?  Here are some facts I got from Autotrader:

  • A rear lift gate is crucial for being able to load your dog — […]

Subaru Accessories – Body Side Molding

Body side molding is one of those accessories people either love or hate.  The idea is that should someone open their car door next to your car, or a wayward shopping car is rolling towards you, it will it the molding and not the door.  In many cases, when deciding which options to add to a Subaru, my customers need to walk out an SEE with their own eyes, exactly what “body-side molding is”. […]

2017 Subaru Forester Wheels

The Subaru Forester is the best selling Subaru model overall.  During the calendar year 2016, the Subaru Outback overtook the perennial champion Forester is total sales in the U.S.  On this page, you should find lots of information about the Subaru Forester.  In the 2016 model year I was lucky enough to have every single trim level of the 2.5i Forester at our dealership at the same time and almost all of them were the […]

2017 Subaru Crosstreks Available Now by Order – Why Change A Good Thing?

Subaru of America announces 2017 Subaru Crosstrek

In a press release dated September 22, 2016 Subaru of America President & COO Thomas Doll announced we can start taking orders for 2017 Crosstreks.  There will be another Crosstrek Special Edition this year in the Pure Red (like last year), but for the most part things aren’t going to change.  The Crosstrek was introduced in 2013 model year and sales have grown considerably every years.  In […]

Huge Shipment of 2017 Subaru Outbacks Arriving in Fresno

32 Outbacks Will Arrive This Week at the Subaru Dealer in Fresno

You get the information first, from EdsCarPage.com.  We have thirty two scheduled deliveries between now and the weekend.  I have customer coming here today from the Monterey, CA area because according to him, “there is a shortage” of Subarus in that area.  Guess what?  By that definition, there is a shortage everywhere.  Thank you to the major consumer advocate magazine for recommending Subaru models […]

Subaru Accessory – Rear Seat Back Protector

Protect Your Subaru When Back Seats are Down

The  Rear Seat-Back Protector is the most popular accessory to come out since the Rear Bumper Guard.  This accessory covers the back side of the rear seats when you put them down to maximize cargo space.  It’s great if you have to put a load of dripping nursery supplies in the back, or a muddy mountain bike.  If your pets like to ride in the back, it’s helpful […]

Demonstrating Subaru “Lane Keep” Technology on I-80

Lane Keep Feature steers you away if you stray too close to lines on the road.


2016 Subaru Outback and Legacy Models with Eyesight had a new button on the steering wheel.  It featured this symbol; a car spaced perfectly between two dotted lines.  This button usually next to the cruise control button on the right spoke of the steering […]