Subaru Legacy or Outback 2.5i – How to Open Hood and Check Oil

How Do I Open the Hood and Check the Oil on my Subaru Legacy or Outback?

When someone takes delivery of their new Subaru, I am supposed to take then through a full tour of every single feature their new car.  It is my profession.  You just spent up to $40,000 dollars on a new car an you deserve to know everything about it.  There are cases where my customer is in a hurry or where […]

2017 Legacy Buttons on Dashboard (Lower Left)

Overwhelming 2 Rows of Buttons on Subaru Legacy & Outback

Most asked about buttons on Legacy and Outback

Usually when someone is lucky enough to get a brand new Subaru Legacy or Outback, they get a very detailed explanation of all the features, buttons, switched, knobs, touchscreens, Navigation and phone pairing options.  It is very common for them to forget things and one of the most common is these buttons. 2015 , 2016 & […]