New Accessories for Subarus – Dog Travel Beds!

Today as I meandered around the Subaru Parts Counter and Service receptionist, I saw something new.  Turns out these are selling like hotcakes.  As you know Subarus are “Dog Tested and Dog Approved” so why not cater to our prime demographic?

Have you ever wondered why Subarus and dogs get along so well?  Here are some facts I got from Autotrader:

  • A rear lift gate is crucial for being able to load your dog — […]

Subaru Accessories – Body Side Molding

Body side molding is one of those accessories people either love or hate.  The idea is that should someone open their car door next to your car, or a wayward shopping car is rolling towards you, it will it the molding and not the door.  In many cases, when deciding which options to add to a Subaru, my customers need to walk out an SEE with their own eyes, exactly what “body-side molding is”. […]

2017 Subaru Forester Wheels

The Subaru Forester is the best selling Subaru model overall.  During the calendar year 2016, the Subaru Outback overtook the perennial champion Forester is total sales in the U.S.  On this page, you should find lots of information about the Subaru Forester.  In the 2016 model year I was lucky enough to have every single trim level of the 2.5i Forester at our dealership at the same time and almost all of them were the […]

Buying a Car Online – a Salesman’s Perspective

This is the back story when you buy a car online

This post was written and posted on Amtrak San Joaquin Train #708 travelling from Emeryville, CA to Fresno, CA.  I am riding the train home after delivering a brand new 2016 Subaru Crosstrek in Crystal White Pearl with Black Leather interior to a couple in San Francisco.  When their car rolled in on the truck yesterday, I sent them a picture.


THANK YOU to my Customers for Speaking Up

Online Customer Reviews Make me a DealerRater Certified Employ for Next Quarter

From the Dealer Rater webpage for my store From the Dealer Rater webpage for my store

I am so lucky to be blessed with the best customers any Subaru Salesman can have.  Mitsubishi too!  My customers have posted online reviews through the website and thanks to them being positive and frequent… I get to […]

Huge Shipment of 2017 Subaru Outbacks Arriving in Fresno

32 Outbacks Will Arrive This Week at the Subaru Dealer in Fresno

You get the information first, from  We have thirty two scheduled deliveries between now and the weekend.  I have customer coming here today from the Monterey, CA area because according to him, “there is a shortage” of Subarus in that area.  Guess what?  By that definition, there is a shortage everywhere.  Thank you to the major consumer advocate magazine for recommending Subaru models […]

TODAY is the Day for the Magic Price


Have you ever seen that TV commercial where they show a bell curve graph that shows you what others paid in your area for the exact same car?


Why would cars sell for different prices and how do you get to be the person with the low price on the bell curve????

Here’s how you can be that person […]

My Employer is Hiring for Two Service Positions in Fresno

Want a Job in the Automotive field?

I decided to post this just to give my friends, followers and customers a shot at working for a Fortune 500 company full-time with health benefits, 401k, etc.  This is not an official posting, but they are official jobs and I wanted you to know about them if you’re  interested.

Subaru Express Service Advisor

You need to smile all the time, even through adversity.  Can be very fast paced, […]

Is Synthetic Oil Better?

I have learned a lot from posts on this gentleman’s You Tube channel.

The information may come a little fast, but there is lots of it. It seems to be presented in an objective manner.As you may know, most Subarus and Mitsubishis, the brands I sell, come with synthetic 0w20 motor oil.

Many new Subaru Owners are surprised when they learn as I am going over the new car with them that they must use synthetic oil […]