Happy Customers

Best Experience

We were very pleased with our experience purchasing our Subaru Outback and working with Ed Monson. Ed contacted me within minutes of my inquiry.  Overall this was the best car buying experience we have ever had and I would recommend Ed Monson at Lithia Subaru to anyone.

Vicky – Kingsburg, CA

Ed Monson Car Sales

Priscilla’s new Car

A heartfelt thanks to Priscilla’s mom for serving our country.  She is being deployed to the Middle East and wanted her daughter to have a safe, reliable car.  A new 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer with Bluetooth, a 10 year or 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and Roadside Assistance for 5 years with unlimited mileage helps mom feel comfortable about her daughter’s safety while on the road.  Mom’s happy and Priscilla is definitely happy.

FYI they walked out on a national chain used car dealership today because they wouldn’t give her the price with tax on a used Mitsubishi.  They insisted she watch a video first.  It was easier to deal with ME than a chain that advertises “zero hassles”!

Ed Monson

Ed Monson Car Sales

Ed Monson Car Sales Always ask for Ed Monson.

Ed helped me put together the smoothest car transaction I’ve ever done.

I traveled 5 hours to buy a used car.  We worked out the details by phone and email. Ed had already provided me the CarFax and everything I requested. To cut down on paperwork and my turnaround time at the dealership, he handled all the credit and paperwork before I got on the airplane in Southern California.

He picked me up at the airport and when we got to the dealership my “new” car was detailed, filled with gas and ready to roll.  My car is a clean diesel, so before traveling, I asked Ed to be sure the DEF tank was filled so I didn’t putter out on my drive home.  He took care of that too even though none of the cars he sells at Subaru and Mitsubishi use diesel.  As it seems to be at any car dealership, the paperwork in the business office took a while, but my time at the dealership was not unpleasant.  They have donuts and coffee in the waiting area and I made good use of the wi-fi.

All in all, I got a great, low-mileage used car that is in great condition and fun to drive.  My salesman definitely cared about my experience and satisfaction in the purchase, it was a fair price near wholesale book and my time was not wasted.

What better way is there to buy a used car?

Sorin – Orange County, CA


Ed Monson Car Sales

Thorough and attentive

Subaru Fresno has a great salesman named Ed who is thorough and attentive.  RD – Pollock Pines, CA

Ed Monson Car Sales

This was a great experience!!

This was our second Subaru purchase from this dealership and I can’t wait for our third.

Ed Monson (Subaru internet sales) helped us and really made us feel welcome and like family. He wasn’t pushy or sleazy like some other dealerships I have been to which was great, and he could answer all of my questions, he knows the cars very well.

Highly recommend Ed Monson ….

J.S. – Fresno, CA

Ed Monson Car Sales

Ed Monson helped us straight up over a several day period.

Ed is Internet Sales MAN!

First I emailed and asked about a price. Then I got snaky because I thought he was not going to tell me which he had already done in simultaneous email.

THEN he proceeded to spend three days emailing me and doing exactly what I wanted: I wanted to know EVERYTHING via email before I got there.

1. We financed a portion of the cost (at 0.%!) and I wanted to know if I could give him a check a week out for the chunk of cash I wanted to put down. (I wanted the promotional rate of 0.0% and 2K off MSRP but not all cash was in hand at that moment). He arranged all that.

2. I wanted choices of deciding between Crosstrek vs Forester and I wanted to know all about them. He made a video “For Susan” and put it on You Tube of the two cars next to each other including trunk depth as evidenced by the length of his arm when he leaned inside!

3. Flexibility. Once I got there I veered off trail and wanted to see a USED Suby. He never missed a step– showed me a 74K mile used car & let me drive it. He stayed pleasant and informative the whole time.

We selected a 2014 Crosstrek with tinted windows and heated seats and I like how broad the back of the seat feels for my shoulders compared to my old Rav4 which scrunched my shoulders in somehow. The painful process of making a selection was MUCH easier because of how the salesman handled my need to know so much.

Cheerful, knowledgeable and right by our side the whole l time, Ed followed thru exactly as he described he would. A++.

S.W. – San Francisco, CA


Ed Monson Car Sales Loyal

Ed is loyal to his customers and doing a very good job with customer satisfaction.  Tracy M – Fresno, CA

Ed Monson Car Sales

He was fantastic to work with!

I worked with the internet sales manager, Ed. He was friendly and truly cared more about my happiness and comfort level in the deal making process than he did the sale. He treated me like a fellow human being, and not simply a customer. He went above and beyond to ensure that we were on the same page, and he communicates very effectively.

As far as sales go from a car dealership, Ed was high and away the most comfortable and friendly sales person I’ve ever dealt with. If you’re looking for a Subaru or Mitsubishi, go to Lithia Subaru on Blackstone and barstow and ask for Ed! You’ll be very pleased with the service level he provides. The same cannot be said of most other dealers and sales people. Thank you for a fantastic experience Ed and Lithia Subaru!

Eric – Merced, CA


Ed Monson Car Sales


Ed Monson was outstanding as a car salesman, the best I have ever dealt with. Gary L – Visalia, CA


Ed Monson Car Sales

Quick and easy!

My 2002 Jetta TDI finally died on Thursday Feb 25, 2016. I had researched a Subaru Legacy online a few months ago and finally decided this was the car I wanted.

I called Lithia Subaru of Fresno and Ed Monson answered the phone and after some Q&A I made an appointment for Saturday February 27 to look at some cars. Since Ed had taken my call, I wanted to give him a chance at making my experience a good one.

I arrived around 3 PM on Saturday and met Ed and we did a test drive of several cars. After picking the one I wanted I said let’s make a deal and he offered the car at $500.00 over invoice and showed me the invoice. Quick and easy!. I filled out the paperwork and put a down payment on the car but couldn’t pick it up till the following Monday.     Snow Outback

I live 55 miles from Fresno and Ed sent a driver to pick me up on Monday to pick up the car. I’ve never heard of this kind of service before. After completing all the final paperwork Ed gave me a through overview of all the car operations and offered future help at any time.

I must say, this was a very easy and pleasant car shopping experience. This is the second Subaru I’ve bought from this dealership. 4 years ago I bought my wife a Subaru Outback.

Well done and high fives to Ed Monson and his team at Lithia Subaru.

JP – Ahwahnee, CA


Ed Monson Car Sales

Ed Monson, great sales rep… helpful and comforting to do business with.

Purchased my first car here and drove all the way from san jose.  He continues to help with any problem you may have even after the purchase and all around great guy to talk to. I recommend him for anyone trying to make a good deal.

Brad – San Jose, CA


Ed Monson Car Sales

Ed Monson is outstandingly professional and knowledgeable.

He made the experience fun and professional and he communicated in person, phone, text and email based on the situation. He was a star for you company. the finance department was excellent too. The shop looks impressive.

Stacy – Grover Beach, CA


Ed Monson Car Sales

Great Easy Buying Experience!

I have purchased many cars in my life. It was one of the easiest transactions I’ve done. I would return for another purchase and recommend to anyone.

A Guevera – Fresno, CA


Ed Monson Car Sales

This was one of the best experiences that I’ve had purchasing a vehicle!

I purchased a new Subaru outback at the end of April 2015. I had the pleasure of doing it all online. It was a great experience and pleasure working with Ed Monson. He knows his cars and how to treat consumers looking to purchase vehicles. Ed is also a man of his word. If he says something it’s the truth. If he doesn’t know something, he will find out and get back to you.

I also had a chance to speak with Frank Perez general manager. Frank seems to be a very qualified and sincere manager, to help you with anything that may be needed. It was a pleasure to speak with him.

I love this car! So far this is the best car I have ever purchased. Now in my 60s this car handles, out performs all other cars that I have owned.



Ed Monson Car Sales


Hey Subaru! Keep guys like Ed Monson as long as you can. Super attentive and honest.  Gary O – Fresno, CA

Ed Monson Car Sales


We like approachable, friendly sales people. We purchased both of our Subaru vehicles from the Ed Monson because we were so pleased with the service he provided.  SC – Fresno, CA

Ed Monson Car Sales

Ed Made Sure Everything was Done

I ordered a 2015 Subaru Outback with everything I wanted in it… and the car came in on time. Ed Monson taught me all the features when I took delivery and stayed late to make sure everything was done before I drove it home. I love this car. It does everything they said it would do.

Peggy – Bass Lake, CA