32 Outbacks Will Arrive This Week at the Subaru Dealer in Fresno

You get the information first, from EdsCarPage.com.  We have thirty two scheduled deliveries between now and the weekend.  I have customer coming here today from the Monterey, CA area because according to him, “there is a shortage” of Subarus in that area.  Guess what?  By that definition, there is a shortage everywhere.  Thank you to the major consumer advocate magazine for recommending Subaru models over and over again. Thank you to Kelley Blue Book for all the awards you’ve given Subaru.  And thank you to my nearly 2,000 customers who have read the reviews, test driven a Subaru and come to me for the best possible buying experience and extreme service after the sale.  You know what that means?  There kind of is a shortage of Subarus.

Out factories are at capacity working 24 hour days to manufacture what many feel is the best car for the money in the world.  Subarus are an exceptional value proposition.  I tell my customers you  get more engineering for the dollar in a Subaru than in any other brand.  So what does this mean?  It means that at capacity we are building roughly 500,000-600,000 cars in a year.  Toyota made about 10,500,000 cars in 2015.  With such a high demand for our cars based on quality, referrals, repeat customers and great reviews…. there actually is a “shortage”, although we can’t make any more than we are making now.


These cars come off the trucks wrapped in white plastic and people buy them before they even drive them.  Of course, they’ve driven a similar model that was here already.  The point is, we have 32 brand new Outbacks scheduled between today and September 20, 2016.  Twelve of these are pre-sold… purchased before they arrived.  That means we have 20 new Outbacks available as of this writing for you to buy.  Working through me you can reserve one and get the best price with support long after you drive home.  Please note the the estimated delivery dates allow three days for a truck drive to make the 3 hour drive from our port to here, so we usually get the cars earlier than the ETA date.

Here’s what’s left o f our inbound Outbacks this week:


Click the “Ask Ed” section of this page to contact me directly.  My cell phone has two numbers, 559-905-0102 or 844-DIAL-EDM.  The first number works for texts too.  Let’s get you an new Outback in a Color  you want.