About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is a very large multi national corporation based in Japan which is actually a combination of several companies. Mitsubishi is involved in Banking, Shipping, Chemicals, Power Generation, Electronics and a lot more including cars. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is the parent company of Mitsubishi Motors of North America.  Mitsubishi built it’s first car for market in 1917 and so has been building cars longer than General Motors. During the 1980’s Mitsubishi started selling cars under it’s own name in North America.  Recently Mitsubishi eliminated some cumbersome partnerships and in doing so is a more lean and determined company taking an aggressive stance in the US market again.

Here is a look at the Models currently offered.

Mitsubishi Models


The Mirage in its current form is the sixth generation of this model.  It was introduced in 2013.  Known for affordability and at the time being the highest gas mileage non-hybrid car in the world, sales were brisk.  At my store in Fresno, Mitsubishi Mirages have been popular with first time buyers and people who are all about low-price and high gas mileage.  The Mirage helped us set a store record for Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Models: Mitsubishi Mirage


The Lancer is the only sedan currently being sold by Mitsubishi in the United States.  In its most muscled form it was a big part of the Fast and Furious movies.  These featured the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution which was phased out in the 2015 year model as the EVO Final Edition.  Lancers come in several trim levels.

Mitsubishi Models: Mitsubishi Lancer

Outlander Sport

This compact crossover is a very popular car with many of my customers in Fresno.  I am the proud owner of a 2014 Outlander Sport.  This five seater has a nice amount of cargo room in the back and when we put the back seats down, we have room for two large dog crates in ours.  I personally enjoy zipping around in my Outlander Sport SE listening to satellite radio and at night the HID headlight are great!  Mine has a 2.0, 148 horsepower 4 cylinder MIVEC engine.  Now you can get 20 more horses in the Outlander Sport with a 2.4 liter engine.  Attractive pricing often make the Outlander Sport a perfect choice as a first new car for young families.  Room for baby seats, room for gear in the back cargo area and a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


The Outlander for 2016 is completely redesigned and has caught they eye of many of my customers who saw it on TV.  Attractive, functional and much more comfortable and quiet than previous editions.  Many people go to the Outlander because it has a fold up third row seat.  It’s a nice riding car with many nice features not available in similarly priced cars at other brands.  The Outlander comes in a number of trim levels starting with a basic model powered by a 2.4 liter, 166 horsepower engine up to a 6 cylinder Outlander GT with Mitsubishi’s superb Super All Wheel Control.

Mitsubishi Models: Mitsubishi iMiev Electric Vehicle


Mitsubishi’s electric plug-in car.  It comes with a 110 volt charger cord you can plug in at home.  Or, use any of the more hi-speed charging stations popping up all over California.  At the Mitsubishi store in Fresno we let our customers charge their iMIEVs for free.  The electric cars are roomier on the inside than they look like they would be.  They get up to speed super fast on the highway because the electric motor doesn’t have the lag time of an internal combustion motor.  This car is perfect for a Fresno commuter.

Mitsubishi Models: Mitsubishi iMiev Electric Vehicle