Today as I meandered around the Subaru Parts Counter and Service receptionist, I saw something new.  Turns out these are selling like hotcakes.  As you know Subarus are “Dog Tested and Dog Approved” so why not cater to our prime demographic?

Have you ever wondered why Subarus and dogs get along so well?  Here are some facts I got from Autotrader:

  • A rear lift gate is crucial for being able to load your dog — or dog accessories — as easily as possible.
  • Fold-flat seats are important for creating the largest possible interior space for your dog when you’re stopped.
  • Rear cargo rings (I call them tie-downs) are important for making sure your dog’s crate stays put while the car is in motion.
  • A low ride height helps dogs get in and out as easily as possible, especially when they’re very young or very old.
  • Rear climate control (available in Limited trim Legacy and Outback models) can provide dogs with the cool air or heat they need to remain comfortable.
  • A spacious back seat makes it easy for your dog to climb inside and for you to strap on a dog seat belt before setting off.

Thought I would snap some pictures for you.  Many Subaru drivers make special accommodations for their fur babies, four-legged friends or as I call them dogs.  Subaru’s Official Dog Family, The Barkley’s, haven’t yet chimed in on this particular family of accessories, but maybe that’s because the Barkleys are dog who seem to behave like people!

These Subaru dog accessories will fit almost any Subaru model and keep your dog comfortable while on the road in y our new Subaru.  Don’t forget to bring Fido when you visit me at the Subaru store in Fresno.  We can see how your buddy fits in the car you are considering.  Also, there is a pet relief area near my office at 5505 N Blackstone in Fresno.  If you are one of my customers already, don’t forget to check out the accessory area and look for the collapsible dog bowls as well.  They clip on to your belt loop or backpack or even your dog crate.  When it’s time for your furry co-pilot to take a break outside the car, you can use these bowls to give him or her a nice shot of the same bottled water you’re drinking, without sharing the bottle if you know what I mean.