Body side molding is one of those accessories people either love or hate.  The idea is that should someone open their car door next to your car, or a wayward shopping car is rolling towards you, it will it the molding and not the door.  In many cases, when deciding which options to add to a Subaru, my customers need to walk out an SEE with their own eyes, exactly what “body-side molding is”.  In the case of Subaru, the body side molding is the same color as the car.  They plastic strips are factory painted.  Most often, this accessory is installed here at the Subaru dealership.  We don’t usually order new cars with this accessory.  When one of my Subaru customers asks for this accessory to be installed, we usually have to order it, but sometimes their in stock… especially if your new Subaru is white!  You know I am obsessed with the propensity of Fresnans to buy white cars even if it means missing out on a way better deal for a different color.

The body side molding on each Subaru model looks a little bit different.  One customer asked for the body side molding trimmed in chrome, which I must admit I have never seen.  A couple other notes about Subaru body side molding;  There is a little dip or recession of the thickness on one end.  That is to accommodate opening and closing the door without having to deal with the molding binding next to the door jamb or pillar next to it when you open the door.  The other thing is that while these types of accessories are installed by Subaru workers at the port in Richmond, CA when you order it on a new car, when you order the body side molding after the car is here, our shop puts it on using a template that hangs from the window space to be sure the molding is applied in a straight an level orientation.  I personally would never try to do this myself.  When our shop installs something on your car it comes with a nice guarantee and it’s put on straight the first time.