How Do I Open the Hood and Check the Oil on my Subaru Legacy or Outback?

When someone takes delivery of their new Subaru, I am supposed to take then through a full tour of every single feature their new car.  It is my profession.  You just spent up to $40,000 dollars on a new car an you deserve to know everything about it.  There are cases where my customer is in a hurry or where they simply tell me the “cup runneth over” in terms of their brain’s ability to learn new stuff.  Often people ask if they can come back for a second or third lesson.  My answer is always “of course!”  Here’s a quick video I made for a customer who realized she din’t know how to open the hood or check the oil on her new Legacy.

Of course I couldn’t just stop there.  While under the hood, I had to point out where the oil goes as well.  While this is usually one of the last things people care about when they are minutes away from driving their new car home, it is something I cover.  Most of the items under the hood that the average driver would have to be concerned with are in bright colors as you can see.

This is a 2016 Subaru Legacy 2.51, but the control for opening the hood is the same for just about every Subaru.  The motor is the 2.5i four cylinder.  On the 3.6R six cylinder models, you won’t see the oil filter on top.

This video was shot on the showroom floor and there were customers sitting at desks all around me so I had to be super quiet with minimal narration.