Have you ever seen that TV commercial where they show a bell curve graph that shows you what others paid in your area for the exact same car?


Why would cars sell for different prices and how do you get to be the person with the low price on the bell curve????

Here’s how you can be that person today

Today is August 31, 2016.  The Subaru/Mitsubishi store in Fresno, CA where I work has never in it’s history sold 200 cars in one month.  As it stands at this moment, 12:32 pm, we have sold 196 cars for the month.  Management doesn’t share with me how they get compensated, but based on what I’ve seen, my special EdsCarPage inside information, they must be up for a big bonus if they hit 200 cars for the store this month.  That means, if you buy a car today, you win!

Now, doesn’t this apply to used cars??? Maybe.  Most likely, if you are buying at new Subaru or Mitsubishi in Fresno today, you can be that person who gets they super low price on car-buying website bell curve that everybody else will be chasing for months to come.  Why?

If (for example) the management gets a 5 figure bonus if they get their store to 200 units sold this month, why wouldn’t they lose money on the next 4 cars they sell?  You can get that price with the least amount of hassle by simply clicking “Ask Ed” on this post and talk to me directly.  Selection is limited.  We are lucky to have Subarus that stay here more than 20 days.  This year, Outbacks and Crosstreks sell before they’ve even been here a week and many are pre-sold in the pipeline before they even arrive.  However… if you’re not too picky and you want to drive home a new car today, hit me up because this offer is gone tomorrow.  559-905-0102 texts OK 🙂