Ed’s Used Car Page

What you’ll find here are some resources if you’re in the market to sell your car or buy a used car.  If you would like some tips on buying or financing used cars, please see my page Used Car Buying 101.  In this section you will find:

This section will be updated regularly so feel free to check back.  As I launched EdsCarPage.com I realized that if I waited to launch the page to get everything I want to put in here perfectly it would never launch because there is always new information to share.  So it’s  a work in progress.

Be sure it’s a car you really want – don’t just fall in love with the price

The Smell Test – smoker?  mildew? or maybe too much air freshener???

Car Fax – It worth your investment to check the history for frame damage, flood and major accidents

Polarized Sunglasses – a great way to see if the paint matches everywhere on the car

Get an expert opinion – see my Preferred Vendor page

Check the oil dipstick – is oil too fresh?  Any white blobs?  Burnt smell?

Check the points where things are bolted on like the hood and door hinges

Check to see if all the original labels from the factory are on the doors jams and other places

This is my “secret” place for special cars that just recently got traded in to the Subaru and Mitsubishi dealership in Fresno where I work.  Of course, cars get traded in or outright purchased here every day.  On The Back Wall I try to feature cars that you may never see for sale at the dealership (you may need to provide some automotive TLC) because they have yet to pass the smog inspection or other tests our service department must put them through before we can sell them .  As an example of this, I took a 14 year old Honda in trade with 201,200 miles that had every single scheduled service done on time and the documents were there to prove it.  It still ran great.  My dealership would probably never spend the money to put this one through the shop just because of the miles unless it was tax refund season.  It goes straight to the auction.  However, you could buy it if you saw it on the back wall, contacted me in time and came in to the store.  Then if you like it you can either take it to your own mechanic to get checked or agree to buy it with anything (no safety related) detected by our shop.  Of course, you wouldn’t be obliged to buy it if they found problems.

The other example of a back wall car is just a very clean, newer, one-owner car.  Often I will highlight cars that I myself sold as new cars and later took in trade.  These cars were usually serviced here so I know all about them.  In this case you will see the car on my page The Back Wall before anyone  else on the internet or at the store does.

Private Party Listings is a page with cars for sale by private parties who have listed their cars for sale on Ed’S Car Page.  You will be dealing directly with the private party seller.
In this section of Ed’s Car Page you post pictures and information about your car for sale.  I will promote it for you free online, but I am not involved in the sale in anyway other than introducing you to your buyer.  List your car for sale here.
This section explains of some of the very low priced cars you will see at my dealership in Fresno.  It helps to have an understanding of what a “Value Auto” is because they always have high miles and no guarantee.  Plus it’s difficult to finance them.  Hope this page helps.

Thank you for checking out the Used Car section of Ed’s Car Page.  Have Fun!