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The Back Wall

Car dealerships get cars in every condition as trade-ins. Sometimes as in the case of the Subaru Dealership I work at in Fresno, we buy lease returns from Subaru only auctions. Regardless of how we get them, they all get parked on The Back Wall. From there, they go through our shop for mechanical checks, smog and safety.  If they pass those inspections, they will go to the detail shop and eventually make it to the front line on Blackstone Avenue with the bright price stickers on the windshield and catchy phrases like “affordable”, “Great Value”, “Family Car” or “Certified”. So far I have not seen this dealership us the “Cream Puff” sticker.

What will you get by checking The Back Wall?

  • See cars traded in that day or very recently
  • See cars before they get advertised
  • See cars in their original condition (the way they were lived in before meeting the detailers)

What should you know about cars on The Back Wall?

  • They may never make it up to the front of the store – we may not be able to sell them
  • They may have issues that – if you can deal with them – will help you get an otherwise nice used car at a very low price
  • By California Law, you can’t drive one of these cars until they’ve passed inspections.

So, with my help, maybe you’ll find the next car for your family or the first car for one of you teenagers, here on the back wall and you and I will follow it together from the time it comes in until it is cleaned up, reconditioned and in your driveway.

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BACK WALL – October 1st, 2016 Premium and Base Subaru Foresters for Sale in Fresno

Huge Selection of Certified Pre-Owned Subaru Foresters Just Arrived in Fresno

Here is the first one being highlighted today on the Back Wall at Ed Car Page:

2015 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium – Quartz Blue Pearl 11,818 miles

Sold this car new in 2015 to a very good customer of mine – they drove it on a lease for less than 2 years and traded it in  this morning.  It’s a well cared for, Premium Forester with the All Weather Package.  Our Certified Subaru Mechanics will no-doubt certify this one to be “goo as new” making it a Subaru Certified Pre-Owned car.  The original factory power train warranty that started on March 30, 2017 will NOW run until March 30th of 2024 or until the car hits 100,000 miles.  The original factory bumper-to-bumper warranty is in effect until March 30 of 2018 or until the car hits 36,000 miles.  You can’t lose on this one!

The used car manager says we’ll sell this car for $25,495.  If you would like first crack at it or if you would like to come drive the car, just click “Ask Ed” on this webpage.  Our shop took care of this car for every service it ever had in its first 12,000 miles so we know it’s in great shape.  There is a small ding on the driver’s side.  I am happy to send you close up pictures and videos if you’d like to see.

2016 Subaru Forester 2.5i  with Alloy Wheel Package – Dark Gray Metallic 13,693 miles

Just rolled in off the auction truck this morning… this is a 2016 base model Forester that was most likely a lease return based on the “Chase” sticker on the front windshield.  Good, basic Subaru transportation where someone else took the depreciation and you get all the fun:

This one will be a Certified Pre-Owned for sure.  Get more detailed info from me directly by calling 559-905-0102 or clicking Ask Ed.  This car is not in our system yet.  What you see in the video is what I know at this point.  I can still get your warranty start-date information and CarFax data is your interested.  Thanks for reading today’s Back Wall Post at Ed’s Car Page

2002 Subaru Legacy For Sale In Fresno

From the Back Wall – A Pre-Loved Subaru Legacy

This clean 2002 SUBARU LEGACY L has a 2.5 liter motor and Subaru’s highly effective Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.  It’s a mid-sized sedan that was loved by 3 previous owners according to the Car Fax.  Here’s a video I made for an interested customer:

Our mechanics have not looked at this car yet, so it may not pass muster.  I can tell you it is one of the most asked about cars on our website right now because of the price.  If it goes through the shop without them finding any problems – and they do look because they want to bill some hours! – this car will be sold for $3,995.  You can work with me directly by going to Ask Ed on this post and we can make it yours before someone else snaps it up.

This Subaru Legacy has 155,484 miles which is only about 10,000 per year or so.  Buy this 2002 Subaru Legacy from me directly and receive lifetime support from me until I retire!  Low miles, great gas mileage and signature Subaru safety available here in Fresno through me.  Aren’t you glad you checked out  Talk to you soon… and thank you!

2003 Honda CR-V LX for Sale in Fresno $5,995 on The Back Wall

2003 Honda CR-V LX

These cars are exactly what gets traded in on new Subarus. It was traded in this weekend.  Should be ready to drive  any day now.  This Silver CRV was purchased in September of 2003 and four years later it was traded in to a Honda dealer in Fresno. That owner took very good care of it with regular service and a dash cover, and eventually traded it in on a Subaru here at the Subaru/Mitsubishi dealership where I work in Fresno. It’s clean, well cared-for and has only 112,000 miles. That’s an average of 8,600 miles per year over two owners.   Kelley Blue Book usually allows 15,000 miles per year!

The Honda CRV is a car that will last a very long time if well cared-for. On the Back Wall, you see the trade-ins first and before they get cleaned up and certified by our mechanic shop. There is a chance that this clean 2003 CRV will not make it through the shop and we’ll have to send it to the wholesale auto auction. If it does make it through our shop’s smog and safety inspection and it deemed road worthy, drivable and sellable… it can be yours for just $5,995. Remember, these older cars are harder to finance because the banks don’t make any money on these small loans, but I will do everything I can to make this car work for you.
Thanks for checking the latest deal – an being one of the first to see it – on

VERY LOW MILEAGE 2013 Subaru Impreza Hatchback from the Back Wall

Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium 5-Door

It’s another EdsCarpage low mileage special. If this car is still here in 30 days I am going to sell it to my niece! Check out this 2013 Subaru Impreza 5-Door 2.0i Premium. I helped my customer lease this car on Sep 15, 2013. He has put 3,100 miles per year on it. He used it instead of renting a car when he came to Fresno once a month:

It was traded in today, July 31, 2016 with only 9, 300 miles. The Retail Kelley Blue Book on this car is $18,655… AMAZING! A new 2016 one just like this is $23,070. My dealership in Fresno California will probably sell this car for $17.995. We price our cars to be the lowest of their kind in a 200 mile radius. You can buy it now through me, just click “Ask Ed” or call me at any of the numbers on this webpage. I’m thinking $16,500, how about you? Of course, it’s not my car to sell, and I have to take you offer to the sales desk, but the whole idea behind checking out these back wall posts is to learn about these opportunities first.
If you need a well-engineered, perfect condition, pre-loved car with the lowest possible miles, this is it. This 2013 Impreza is about a “like new” as a car can get. Driven once a month or so and probably a California road trip or two in three years.
The 2013 Subaru Impreza Premium came with all power (windows, doors, locks), air conditioning, Bluetooth, aux plug & USB, 2 12-vold chargers, cruise control, paddle shifters, alloy wheels and up to 36 miles per gallon as estimate by the EPA.
You’ll need to act fast… just click “Ask Ed” on the top right side of this page and I’ll have this car ready for you, parked in the shade, when you get here.

2016 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited with Eyesight and Navigation for Sale in Fresno

…on the back wall.

Let someone else take the depreciation.  Get a good as new Subaru for thousands less than it cost new.  This beautiful Crystal White Pearl Subaru Legacy has black Leather interior.  It’s got the full Subaru Safety Suite with Eyesight, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Detection and more.  You’ll get Navigation with free updates for the first years.  Here’s quick video I made about this car I know too well.  Yes, my dealership bought this car from a sister store in Missoula, Montana.  I drove it here and it is a smooth ride!  It is a one-owner car.  It has been showing on our webpage for about 10 days, but no one has actually seen the car yet.  You are seeing first here on the The Back Wall at  I can help you score big with this great car just like I helped you see it first.  Please call text or email me with any questions.

2012 Subaru WRX Hatchback for sale in Fresno

This has to be the biggest news to hit our Subaru store since the 2017s were announced.

This 2012 Subaru WRX base model has the Short Throw Shifter and Fog lights. Only 46,000 miles and was service regularly right here where it was purchased new.

WRX Hood

We JUST GOT THIS CAR TODAY and it won’t be here long at all.  It may be one of the most asked for cars at this Subaru Dealership.

WRX Side

If you want a well cared for pre-loved Subaru WRX, you need to contact me directly by clicking “Ask Ed” on the right side of this page.  How much you ask?  Well, for the right customer, it won’t matter.  Come check it out this holiday weekend.  Ask for Ed Monson and tell them you saw it on EdsCarPage.


Wait too long and you’ll be seeing the backside of this hot item driving away as another customer’s new rocket!

WRX Side

2015 Subaru WRX Base World Rally Blue

Can you believe it?  A 2015 new body style WRX base model in Subaru Blue!

New arrival on The Back Wall

Well maintained 2015 Subaru WRX in World Rally Blue.  I sold this car new in May of 2014.  All maintenance was done on schedule at our Subaru store.  It’s a base WRX, but it has the fog light kit.  It has just below 24,500 miles so it was driven about 12,000 miles per year.  This car needs a good home,  Since it just arrived on the back wall, it needs to go through the shop, but it should pass with flying colors.  This WRX is new enough to be a Certified Pre Owned Subaru.  You can reserve this car before it goes on the internet.  talk to me directly and we’ll schedule a test drive.  $24,990 is this likely price.  This won’t last long.  Base WRX models are the most in demand car at the Fresno Subaru Store.  Thanks for checking it out on The Back Wall at

One Owner 2012 Subaru Outback Limited for sale on The Back Wall

Outback traded in today for sale in Fresno

It’s a one-owner pre-loved Outback.  Traded in today (you’re seeing it first) by an Oakhurst family that has owned seven Subarus.  One of which saved their lives.  Lucky for you this one has never been in an accident. This is a Limited model so it has leather interior and dual air.  In 2012 the Moon roof package came with a backup camera.  73,000 puts the Kelley Blue Book retail price at about $19,979.  Your price when you buy through me on EdsCarPage is $18,695.   You can see this car with me now and see how well it was cared for BEFORE our detail shop gets a hold of it.  All we need it smog and safety and it’s yours.  Don’t let my co workers sell it first before you get the opportunity to check it out.  Contact me now by clicking the link on this page or call me direct at 559-905-0102.

Cat on the Back Wall

Whimsical picture post on an overcast, humid Saturday morning at EdsCarPage… Cat on The Back WallCat on The Back Wall