Private Party Cars for Sale

These are cars for sale by private parties, in other words, people I know or people who follow me on the internet.  When you are interested in a car you see here, you will contact the person selling the car directly using their phone number or email they provided and published on their listing.  I do not have any info about their car.

These are not cars being sold be Ed Monson or any other dealerships where I work. 

When you look at a private party car:

  1. You should meet the seller at a public place (my favorite place is their bank, or my bank during hours the bank is open)
  2. You should bring someone with you
  3. You should not have the cash with you (see #1)
  4. Another good place to meet is the DMV during hours they are open.

Enjoy these private party listings as this page grows.  I hope you find the car of your dreams or get the best buyer for your car.  Remember, if you just want to sell your car, my dealership will buy it from you and we’ll process all the paperwork too.  Let me know and we can do it online!

2013 SUBARU IMPREZA 2.0i Premium 5 Door Hatchback for sale

One Owner

My lease is up!

I live on both coasts. Leasing this car was less expensive than renting a car whenever I came to Fresno. This Impreza was kept inside when not on the road. It is a fine condition.  Some scratches inside the door handles and a very small ding on a corner. Otherwise it’s perfect. We’ll have to meet at Chase bank branch so I can pay off my lease and you’ll get a “lien satisfied” form to take to the DMV when you register the car. I plan to be back in Fresno this weekend.


8,800 miles


$15,500 obo



Phone:     not provided